Capoeira Kids


KIDDIE FIT – This specific program is designed to help the children engage in this Brazilian Activity , improve their overall development of the physical capabilities, learning self-defense, acrobatic and movement skills;  as well as the ABC’S of athleticism.

A – Agility

B – Balance

C– Co-ordination and

S – Speed

and develop a knowledge of why Capoeira is important for everyone.

All the children participating in the Kiddie Fit program are monitored by qualified instructor in a Safe and Secure environment.

The instructor will provide to the children with activities they can do during the week to help them further develop their skills.

Overall  a complete package for children designed to help them learn and  develop in a fun and safe environment.

Below you can find the picture of   Kiddie Fit Mascot.

Its a GECKO.

His name is IGUI